Restoration of an existing pool with a deck walkway and seating area.

Joanne Willcocks Gardens By Design

Communication and consultation were key to the success of this project. We were involved right from the start and carried out the initial linear survey including the topography for the designer and client. Our technical knowledge and experience provided solutions for the failing pool with ongoing client updates and full in-house specifications and designs for all proposed work. A challenging project, one that was carried out with sensitivity, skill and craftsmanship and a high degree of technical expertise. The client, designer and ourselves were thrilled with the outcome and the family now have a beautiful and safe, restful outdoor space to enjoy and recharge.

Oranges, yellows and purples add vibrancy to the paved lounge area and reflect off the mirrored surface of the pool. The tall grasses provide movement and theatre in the breeze.

Curvaceous yellow balau deck and stainless-steel handrail suspended over the renovated pool allows an interaction with the water and reflections and the beauty of the koi carp.

A peaceful and relaxing space to enjoy with water and terraces. The client has used the space to entertain guests with parties and social events.

How we did it

500,000 litres. 300+ koi and mirror carp moved to a holding tank whilst work was carried out. Our in-house experience of aquatic management and projects ensured the welfare of the fish and plants were monitored daily for water quality and feeding.

Leaf litter, soil erosion and years of debris build up had upset the natural balance of the pool and required the pool to be emptied and cleaned.

Existing construction was unsustainable and unsafe. Deck had rotted and the bank eroding and collapsing.

Our technical knowledge and experience provided a solution for the eroding bank. A concrete block wall on a foundation was designed and constructed with piles used for structural integrity.

Sustainable oak deck subframe supported on concrete pillars for strength and longevity.

Craftsmen and skill at its finest. Team installing the deck surface with secret fixings for a refined finish.

Pool cleaned and redressed. Fresh gravel will hold debris and litter, improving water quality and clarity.

Deck installed to the new design. Organic flowing shapes are challenging to build but they create a calm and tranquil outdoor space.

Finishing touches, sand and prep ready for weather sealant to deck. Using a low impact enviro seal.

Reputable suppliers for plant stock is so important. We are registered with DEFRA. Plant passports must be recorded so that the source and plant health can be traced.

Planting, a key skill. Soil is cultivated to remove compaction and enriched with a suitable soil ameliorant.

Any soil ameliorant we use is peat free and responsibly sourced reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and good environmental practice.

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