A Courtyard Garden, Malpas

A courtyard garden with decked pergola and seating areas.

Blue Tulip Garden Design

Our client’s home was a conversion to existing buildings belonging to a larger estate. The garden was made up ground, artificially raised in level by the developers. With this comes a legacy of compacted ground and drainage issues, so common with developments. To create a successful garden, we had to understand the underlying problems and address them as part of the scheme. Land drains were installed, and surface pans were removed. Planting beds were cultivated, and soil ameliorants and drainage aids incorporated. One year later, the garden was thriving and flourishing because of the experience and knowledge of the team and the preparatory works to remedy the existing issues.

Red cedar and yellow balau timber add a rich colour to the space, picking up tones of the original Cheshire brick in the property. Minimal maintenance as both are hard wearing and durable.

Strong planting to create form and texture with a pink and purple theme working well against the painted fence. Trachycarpus create an exotic atmosphere, perfect for relaxing.

Subtle lighting extend the experience into the night and adds another dimension in the evenings – cosy and intimate

How we did it

A blank canvas with inherent issues, made up compacted ground laid to lawn with drainage issues.

Test pits confirm the lack of natural drainage and compaction.

Land drains installed to remove surface water.

Levels set; foundations dug ready for subbase. Low impact machinery to minimise compaction.

All our Subbase material is laid on a geotextile membrane, to stabilise subgrade and prevent environmental contamination.

Our sites are kept clean and tidy, all rubbish removed as the team works and materials stored safely. Low impact mats are used to prevent compaction and to protect areas.

Deck frame constructed, all timber sourced from sustainable forests and comply with FSC regulations.

Deck feet secured in a concrete footing, coped away from timber to aid water run off and prevent premature rot.

Beds cultivated with organic soil ameliorant ready for planting. Lawn laid, thorough cultivation to remove pan and increase drainage.

Bespoke screens made from Western Red Cedar and composite material, designed and constructed in house.

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