Nordic Soul, Allerton

Creation of a raised terrace courtyard garden complimenting the recent property renovation

Jane Houghton Garden Design Studio

Small spaces provide a challenge logistically and technically. It was important that our team were able to understand and translate the intentions and specifications of this design and use their skill and expertise to model the terraces and level changes. Accuracy was paramount together with the detail of the construction to achieve the highest level of finish expected by the designer and client. The finished garden exceeded all expectations.

The clients had recently completed a contemporary renovation on their property. The result of this is a striking piece of modern architecture with large picture windows, and full length glass doors set into black stained timber cladding and polar white K Rend. This has left a rather significant drop from the threshold down to the existing patio and again to the lawn. The twin aims of the design are to address this issue and to use an aesthetic that compliments the material and architectural style.

A significant amount of planting on the upper layer, lush, hardy, mostly textural greens with pops of strong colours, particularly orange against the black timber.

Textured clay paver steps and detail contrast beautifully with the smooth sandstone paving and bullnose steps. Corten planters frame the steps and floating bench with the Sho Sugi Ban used to face the raised retaining walls.

How we did it

Impractical terrace with unsafe wooden steps and restricted space.

Existing terrace surfaces removed to expose the failing subbase and terrace walls.

Original steps to lower lawn, decaying and loose treads with uneven risers.

Crisp and modern corten steel steps to replace steps to lower lawn. Calculating riser heights and treads was critical for level change.

Fit for purpose, terrace walls designed and rebuilt, 9” hollow concrete blocks mass filled and steel reinforced. All levels calculated and set by laser.

Specification detail, preparation for concrete subbase to stabilise terrace paving. Blinding for visqueen to prevent contamination.

Finished levels are critical to ensure steps work to design. Concrete foundation poured with reinforcing steel mesh.

Material samples on one palette to help client visualise the colours and textures and choose preferences.

Split level terraces and steps under construction, constantly being checked for accuracy by team.

Finishing touches are so important to show off the level of detail we expect from all our builds.

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