Our years of experience and wealth of knowledge are here to help you. We can offer support and technical advice on prospective or ongoing projects or if you are experiencing problems or issues including site surveys and assessments.

We offer a full specification service and have supported many designers with projects leading to successful installations.
We are actively engaged with industry specialists and regularly share our knowledge through seminars and talks.

We are constantly training our staff and encourage continual professional development to enhance our expertise.

We supply full written specifications with all our quotations so that you know what you are getting. This gives you confidence that our installations meet and exceed industry standards and provides a bench mark for comparison.

All specifications are tailored to your project and as an APL member give you assurance that they meet requirements.

We can provide technical drawings to illustrate and provide construction detail, if required. This can be part of the written specification detail with dimensions and scales.

  • Help and advice
  • Issues and problems
  • Talks and seminars
  • Written
  • Drawings

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We’re here to help

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